New TikTok development main Southwest Virginia college students to vandalize faculty property

ROANOKE, Virginia. – A new social media trend is challenging students to record themselves vandalizing school toilets. School principals say it is happening in several districts in Southwest Virginia.

There is a challenge on TikTok called “Devious Licks”. The students record themselves vandalizing school toilets and post it on the social media app. Now it happens here.

“We had a rash from soap dispensers that went missing. We had a fire extinguisher that was gone. And we had a short time there where we had vandalism and TikTok challenges, ”said Jason Guilliams, director of operations at Franklin County School.

“We looked at some problems, yes. Some with the soap dispensers. Some just want to take the trash can, ”said Archie Freeman, chief academic officer of Roanoke City School.

Together with Roanoke City Schools and Franklin County Schools, both Bedford and Pulaski County Schools have sent notices of similar incidents to parents. The hope is that parents will speak to their students about the dangers of participating in such trends.


“Just have these conversations at the dining table or with your child and talk about the reality of the consequences. If you take part in these challenges, that’s no good, ”said Guilliams.

This isn’t the first type of questionable social media challenge that has students and principals believing it won’t be the last.

“There are different challenges every month. We want everyone to know that we will not tolerate this behavior and to issue consequences based on our Code of Conduct for Students, ”said Freeman.

School principals say students could face consequences such as suspension and even payment for the damaged property if caught vandalizing school property.

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