New Instagram Video Size in 2022 (Feed, Reels, Tales, Stay, Adverts…)

  • Length: Between 3 seconds to 60 minutes (1 hour max)
  • Aspect ratio: Between 1.91:1 and 9:16


  • 1080×1920 pixels (for full screen vertical videos), or
  • 1080×1080 pixels (for square videos), or
  • 1080×1350 pixels (for rectangle videos)


  • If people watch your video from your feed or their home feed, they will see the first 60 seconds of the video (it’s called the “preview”). Once the preview is finished, the video pauses and people have to tap on “Keep watching” to watch the rest of your video. So make your first 60 seconds count!

Good to know:

  • If you post a full screen video (1080x1920px), the preview will be cropped to 1080x1350px by Instagram. It’s good to know if you need to adjust your camera or props, to make sure your followers can see you / what you show in this 1080x1350px view.

Where does this “feed video” appear?

This type of video will appear in your feed AND in your “video tab”.

The video tab used to be the IGTV tab. But Instagram removed it in 2021.

The feed video limit is 60 minutes.

You have to make sure the video is at least 3 seconds long. If it is not at least 3 seconds, Instagram won’t be able to post your video.

How to make the video longer?

  1. You can add more clips or photos in your video (find beautiful free videos in Preview App), or
  2. Repeat the same clips in the video (this will create a loop effect)

Quick tip: You can also preview your feed with Preview App. This is awesome to double-check if you are happy with your thumbnail and if it fits with the rest of your feed:

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