Nativex declares induction into TikTok Advertising and marketing Companions Program in Southeast Asia

SINGAPORE, August 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Nativex, a leading mobile-first advertising platform, today announced that it has joined the TikTok Marketing Partners (Campaign Management – Agency Services) program South East Asia. Nativex is now recognized as one of TikTok’s first partners in the region and is part of a curated list of the best agencies around the world.

Qualified technology companies that have been accepted into the TikTok Marketing Partners program have gone through a review process that is anchored in various evaluation criteria. The partners have demonstrated diverse specialties and industry expertise, as well as proven track records in creating, implementing and measuring advertising campaigns that increase the success and business results of marketers and brands.

“We are proud to be recognized as a TikTok Marketing Partner and join a select handful of top agencies that consistently deliver campaign results for brands across the platform,” saidIrene Yang |, Managing Director, Nativex. “This is a testament to the strong relationships we have with our customers and our ability to achieve exceptional results in a variety of industries and industries. As we continue to advance our campaigns and expand our presence worldwide, we strive to expand our expertise and service and offer our partners and customers greater value. “

Armed with extensive industry expertise and capabilities, Nativex provides a range of services and tools for brands in a number of industries such as gaming and e-commerce. These include:

  • XploreChina, a one-stop mobile marketing solution that enables brands to get into the China Market, including acquisition, monetization, and creative services.
  • XMP, a multi-channel media buying tool that offers better cross-channel campaign management. Brands can simplify their campaign workflow across major platforms so they can easily scale their campaigns.
  • TopWorksCreative Studio, a global creative network with 14 teams in over 30 countries and connections to more than 200 creative studios worldwide, helping brands develop excellent creatives, armed with data and insights from local markets.

The XMP platform from Nativex and TopWorks Creative Studio were also recognized as part of the TikTok Marketing Partner Program.

You can find more information about Nativex’s offer as part of the TikTok Marketing Partner Program here.

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Nativex is committed to driving ROI and growth for all business areas in a digital and mobile world. Nativex enables marketers to achieve strong, sustainable growth through universal access to digital channels across the world China and the rest of the world. Additionally, Nativex has all of the built-in tools marketers need to be successful and make a meaningful impact on their audience. As part of the Mobvista Group, Nativex has a global presence with 16 offices worldwide. Learn more at

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