Native Ice Cream store makes use of TikTok to realize an viewers

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – During these cold months, a local dessert spot is gaining popularity on social media when this is usually a slow time for them. Scoops Ice Cream is a popular spot in the summer. It is located near 70th and Vine Streets, and 70th and Van Dorn Streets. They still have customers in winter, but not as many as in the warmer months. They got creative with different dining options and turned to TikTok to reach out to customers.

They have over 5 million likes on one video showing their square ice cream and over a million on another video.

“It was just a really cool way to get to high schools and kids in the area,” said Tess Averill, manager of Scoops. “They seem to be the ones who use it a lot and notice it, so we have a lot of guests who come in and say, ‘We saw you on TikTok.”

Little did the manager know that she would only get so many views on hold, but she is grateful for her younger coworkers engaging with this audience.

Scoops plans to open a third location this summer.

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