My Favourite Instagram search engine marketing strategies & instruments (be discovered on Google too!)

Anyone can benefit from Instagram SEO.

But if you’re a business owner… You’re going to LOVE it.

So what are the benefits of Instagram SEO?

There are 4 main benefits:

1. Small accounts can get more exposure.

Don’t have many followers, likes or comments? No problem.

With Instagram SEO, your posts can get seen by the right people, no matter the size of your account.

2. You have more control.

You don’t have to only rely on the Instagram Algorithm to show your post to people.

You control your posts, keywords and SEO practices.

People can actually find your posts more easily.

Which leads us to benefit #3.

3. Your posts can be more easily found on Instagram.


Thanks for the new Instagram Search feature.

People can type anything they want in the Instagram Search bar.

If you did your Instagram SEO well, people will see you in the Instagram Search Results Page.

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