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Now he’s talking about founding a hype house with other Como makers – yes, I too have to vomit from the sound of this sentence.

Dear Dr. Date,

I recently broke up with my ex and have been healed since we decided to break up. I was fine and I really got back to who I want to be … until I went on TikTok. What did I see you ask My ex is now TikTok famous!

It’s a pretty universal thing that when the two of you break up, you want to do better than your ex, but that gets these plans down to the point. His face not only appears on my ‘For You’ page and reminds me of our troubled past and the failure of our relationship, but now he’s talking about starting a hype house with other Como makers – yes, I have to from the side passed tone of this sentence.

I can’t find peace! Now all my friends ask me about him and his newfound fame and all I want to do is scream.

Going through an emotional renegade

Better to go through an emotional renegade

That sounds terrible. I’m sorry about the breakup and even more sorry that he had to be famous for TikTok of all people. The first thing to do is to block him from your “For You” page so you can keep enjoying the app. The second thing to do is tell your friends to never bring up him or his fame again.

It’s okay to feel insecure, but I don’t know if your insecurity is due to the fact he is getting thousands of views on a clock app. He did not cure cancer or COVID-19. A Nobel Peace Prize will not be arriving on his doorstep anytime soon to interpret the “WAP” dance. He just makes silly videos.

And let’s not even go to the Como Hype House. That sounds more like an e-boy prison than actual pleasure. Of all the places I want to live, the last place in the world would be a handful of purple hair, jeans with cuffs and TikTok creators. But hey it’s just me

Don’t worry about who is doing better. Keep focusing on yourself and enjoying the app.

Dr. Date

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