‘My dad, his 27 wives, 150 youngsters’: Canadian youngsters TikTok on ‘World’s Largest Polygamist Cult’ goes viral : The Tribune India

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Chandigarh, January 24th

Imagine a family with 150 siblings and all of them are your brothers and sisters, not your cousins.

A 19-year-old boy, Merlin Blackmore, has revealed secrets about his cult polygamist family on the TikTok video sharing app.

The teenager has revealed that he grew up in a cultic family of a father, 27 mothers, and 150 siblings.

The Sun has called it “Canada’s largest polygamist family”.

The head of this family is 64-year-old Winston Blackmore. He is based in Bountiful, British Columbia, where he lives with a large polygamous family. Three of his children have come out to speak publicly about their experiences.

Aside from Merlin, 19-year-old Muray and 21-year-old Warren have posted their stories on social media websites.

Merlin, the youngest of the three, no longer lives with the family and has moved to the United States.

“I’ve wanted to talk about this for years. Now I’m in a position that I can, the world will know, ”he said in a TikTok.

There were 27 women, but only 22 of them had children with Winston.

Of these 22, 16 are still married to him.

The children were trained to call their birth mother “mother”. They called their father’s other women a “mother” followed by their first name.

The large family had a “motel house” that housed all teenagers. The children did not live with their mothers as they got older. The other brother, Warren, announced that the general attitude was to have two wives per house with young children.

Each woman would occupy one floor of the house.

Of the women, there was a pair of 3 sisters who were married to Winston. And there were 4 groups of two sisters. Murray calls himself triplet because two different children were born on the same day by two different women.

The family was so big that they formed their community.

The family grew their own produce and the children were given agricultural duties. However, their quaint community is against the law. Winston was accused of multiple or heavenly marriage in 2017.

He served six months of house arrest.

The three brothers have now left their congregation and live separately. However, they are still in touch with their siblings at home.

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