Mother, daughter say TikTok video was utilized in skincare advert with out their permission: ‘We by no means heard of it’

CHICAGO (WLS) – A mother and daughter from the Chicago area warn others after they find a video they posted in an online social media ad for a skin care product they had never heard of.

Like many teenagers during the pandemic, Kameryn said she reached out to TikTok for much-needed entertainment.

“She was watching videos and there was the mom and daughter trends, so she said, ‘Oh, we gotta do this,’ so it took us about an hour and we did it,” said her mom, Holly.

Holly obeyed her daughter and made a video. People commented on how similar the two looked, and the video received more than 50,000 views on TikTok. Then Holly said she had made a disturbing discovery.

“A couple of friends of mine congratulated me on seeing this ad, so they tagged me on it and I was totally shocked that we could see our faces,” said Holly.

It was then that Holly found the video posted on Facebook of her and her daughter appearing in a moisturizer ad with the same video they shared on TikTok.

“It’s totally fake,” said Holly.

Holly said she and her daughter didn’t know who was behind the ad.

“We’ve never heard of it, used it, seen it before,” added Kameryn.

“There are over 200,000 views and then every day I go and look at the comments and some people say, ‘Oh, I just bought it,'” said Holly. “So people are interested and I feel bad because we don’t know about it and they are using my face.”

The video includes a button that says “Get a Quote”. When clicked, it will be taken to a website with large celebrities who endorse the product.

“You have a company that may have very shady business practices,” warned Holly.

Attorney Nate Hole said he represented clients, including large celebrities, who were misrepresented in ads the images of which were used to sell products.

“When you see something being used by a company that you’ve never heard of, people are very worried,” Hole said.

Hole said if your content is used by a company without your permission, first report the content to the platform the video was posted on so they can remove it.

You can also contact the site or company directly and notify them of the violation.

The women said they turned to the side behind the video and received no response. The ad is still running.

According to the Facebook profile the ad was posted on, Everson Flooring is behind the page. When ABC7 tried to reach out to the company for comment, a woman hung up and did not call back.

Holly said she and her daughter want others to be skeptical of what they see on social media, and especially to be wary of this skin care product.

“You know, you should really be looking at this product and knowing what you’re buying first to make sure it’s real and you know,” Holly said.

Holly said they will take legal action to find out exactly who is behind this ad in hopes of getting her to remove her video

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