Mom Does TikTok Dance Subsequent to her Hospitalized Child

A mother gets mixed reactions online for performing a TikTok dance next to her baby who has a respiratory virus.

The video was posted in response to a commenter who “sent prayers” to know what happened to the baby.

Popular TikToker family Whitney Leavitt (@whitleavitt) started the video by kissing their son Lee on the forehead and making the heart sign with her fingers.

Then she jumps into an energetic TikTok dance and has text placed over the video that explains the situation.

As she dances, the screen reads, “Lil Lee was taken for lack of oxygen, tested positive for RSV and was waiting for him to breathe better himself.”

The video received over 1.6 million views in less than 24 hours. Leavitt has since made the video private, but re-uploads of the TikTok have been posted on Reddit and Twitter.

The video seems to align with Leavitt’s other content, which is generally more positively received by its followers. However, this video reached a wider audience – one that didn’t fit with Leavitt’s approach.

The most popular comments came from people who were amazed by the discrepancy between happy dancing and facial expressions coupled with the grave situation of having a baby in the hospital.

“The baby is struggling with oxygen [face in clouds emoji] the mom [dancing woman emoji]“Wrote one commentator.

“Why do people answer sensitive questions while dancing?

“I’m sorry that sent me to another dimension,” said another.

“TikTok is a wild place,” said one viewer.

Some people came to her defense, suggesting that she is maintaining a positive attitude and there is not much more she can do.

“What about the” baby die and you dance “comments? Girl what do you want her to do She’s not a doctor, ”said one person.

“People get along in different ways… sh. Like trying to be sure, her whole side is dancing, ”remarked another.

“You want her to sit there and cry and worry or have a positive attitude about it?” popular TikToker Blizzy (@thereallblizzy) said.

Some others pointed out that the baby was probably fine at this point as he was not fussy and had a device that helped him get extra oxygen. “Your baby clearly no longer has any problems with O2 sats, it has a nasal cannula on and is satisfied,” wrote one viewer. However, other parents denied this in the comments, calling the virus potentially life changing and nothing to dance to.

Leavitt hasn’t posted another video or responded to any of the comments yet.

This is not the first time parents have been criticized for the way they create online content with their children. In September, YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne was criticized for making her young son pose for a thumbnail while crying over her sick pup.

The Daily Dot reached out to Leavitt via email.

This post was updated with a re-upload of the original video.

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* First released: December 19, 2021 at 10:22 a.m. CST

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