Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade explains why he is joined TikTok however will not submit

Technoblade, a popular Minecraft YouTuber, has finally joined TikTok to battle an impersonator account with over 300,000 followers – despite claiming no plans to post anything else on the platform.

Thanks to the steadily growing popularity of TikTok, countless developers who are known on other platforms have made their way to the viral video app to open their own accounts and build a fan base there as well.

This includes some YouTubers known for their fun Minecraft content like TommyInnit, who has gained over 4.9 million followers on his account thanks to his fun videos.

The latest addition to TikTok is YouTuber Technoblade, known as part of the popular Dream SMP, and the multiplayer Minecraft server launched by YouTuber Dream with some great developers.

Technoblade uploaded the first video entitled “Technoblade wall unveil” to his account “iamtechnoblade” on March 19th.


hello tiktok it’s me technoblade

♬ Original sound – Technoblade

As he pointed his camera at the wall, he said, “Hello citizens of TikTok. It’s me, the real technoblade. My username is @iamtechnoblade because all the cooler usernames have been taken over by internet hooligans who aren’t happy about that. Anyway, I’m here because a guy embodies me in this app. He has around 300,000 followers, ”he explained. To prove that it really was him, the YouTuber even brought his dog Floof in front of the camera.

Celebrity impersonation accounts with a large number of followers seem to be quite common on TikTok. In the past, fake accounts of actors like Tom Holland have gained millions of followers on the platform, many of whom cannot tell if the stars really created an account in the app.

Technoblade’s account seems to be the real deal, however, as it even uploaded the TikTok to its YouTube channel so its subscribers don’t have to download the app to watch the video.

It doesn’t look like he plans on uploading to the account particularly often, as in the pinned comment under his YouTube video he posted, “I just got around to diving into impersonators. ”

Technoblade already has over 600,000 followers on TikTok. His first video has over two million views and 700,000 likes.

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