Mike Tyson appears to be like terrifying in TikTok coaching video as Joe Rogan warns Logan Paul he’ll ‘get hit for certain’ in subsequent battle

Mike Tyson looks just as terrifying in training videos he posted on social media as he did in his prime.

The former heavyweight world champion may be 55 years old, but “Iron Mike” is in great shape and will continue his plans to fight again next year.

Tick ​​tock

Mike Tyson looks in top form in training

He posted a video on TikTok, drenched in sweat, training with his trainer and showing off his incredible speed and strength.

Tyson confirmed that he would return to the ring in February 2022, but no opponent was officially confirmed.

Logan Paul has been touted as a possible opponent, and he has previously admitted that a lucrative fight like this could be hard to refuse.

The YouTuber has fought Floyd Mayweather this year and he obviously doesn’t mind stepping into the ring with some boxing sizes.

UFC commentator Joe Rogan sent Paul a warning on his latest podcast speaking to Snoop Dogg about the possible fight.

Tyson may be 55, but he looks as good as ever

Amanda Westcott / SHOWTIME

Tyson may be 55, but he looks as good as ever

He said, “The fact that Logan Paul wants to box him. It’s like wow. I can’t believe they really will.

“The child is sure to be hit.

“Floyd hit him. Floyd took just a little time off and had these show fights.

“Floyd has been quite active as a boxer, he recently fought Pacquaio and this Japanese kickboxer.

“He only fought people like Conor McGregor who we knew Floyd would beat, but he was still active.

“Mike hadn’t been active forever. He got fat, but he’s a different person.

“It will be interesting to see what Logan can do to stay away from him.

“The only thing Logan has on his side is the youth.”

Logan Paul could be Tyson's next opponent

Amanda Westcott / Showtime

Logan Paul could be Tyson’s next opponent

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