Midnight Mass TikTok Factors Out Humorous Similarities To Twilight

A TikTok from creator thenewestmoon pokes fun at some similarities between Netflix’s midnight mass and the teenage vampire romance Twilight.

A new TikTok points out the fun similarities between midnight fair and twilight. The pop culture phenomenon Twilight began in 2005 with the vampire novel YA by Stephenie Meyer. The author’s best-selling saga was soon adapted into a film series, starting with Twilight in 2008, which follows a teenage girl, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), who moves to a small town in Washington state with her father (Billy Burke) pulls. the police chief and soon falls in love with a vampire named Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

The limited series Midnight Mass recently released by Netflix follows a somewhat similar plot, but with a drastically different tone and purpose. Mike Flanagan’s latest horror show received critical acclaim for its deep meditation on grief and belief. The Twilight saga, on the other hand, was regularly panned by critics, despite being a huge box office success and grossing over $ 3.4 billion worldwide. Midnight Mass follows a small and isolated island community that experiences supernatural events following the arrival of a mysterious priest, Father Paul Hill (Hamish Linklater), and the return of a disgraced young man played by Zach Gilford. Rahul Kohli plays the city’s Muslim sheriff, who finds it difficult to get in touch with the predominantly Christian population.

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Now a new TikTok from creator thenewestmoon is making fun of some of the similarities between Midnight Mass and Twilight. The short video’s captions read “I love Midnight Mass! Vampires, serious religious issues, a hot sheriff,” followed by “That is the Twilight saga,” with an excerpt from Bo Burnham’s satirical country song as the sound. Check out the TikTok below:

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The parishioners of St. Patrick's Church turn into vampires and attack each other at midnight mass

Since the success of the Twilight saga, many television shows and films have been accused of copying the teenage vampire romance, including The Hunger Games and the Fifty Shades of Gray series, originally written as author EL’s Twilight fanfiction. began James. Vampires played a much larger role in F. Paul Wilson’s novel Midnight Mass, on which the series of the same name is loosely based, but the Netflix show is a thing of its own.

While Midnight Mass shares some similarities with Twilight, it would be difficult to summarize the show with others who have been accused of tearing down Meyer’s YA series. There is actually a debate about whether or not midnight fair‘Monster is actually a vampire or an angel, one of the ways the show combines horror with its religious themes. Twilight is a teenage romance aimed at a different audience, which is fine as both traits can be enjoyed for what they have to offer.

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