Midland Excessive lecturers make social media splash

Midland High School graduates Allie Miller and Olivia Vidergar thought it would be fun to get MHS teachers Brian Edelbrock and Jeff Yoder to do a short video for TikTok.

The response exceeded all expectations.

“Right now it’s 12,100 views and 1,826 likes,” Miller said on Wednesday, six days after the nine-second video went live on TikTok.
“I think the MHS has about 1,200 residents. It’s like our whole school at least saw it and liked it.”

Edelbrock, a biology teacher, and Yoder, a chemistry teacher, have classrooms across the hall and have been colleagues for 27 years.

The video shows the teachers in dress shirts and ties performing a dance choreographed to the music of Linda and Heather, a song from the former Disney Channel show Liv and Maddie.

While Edelbrock and Yoder dance, the lyrics sing: “Pink Pink Pink, Girls Girls Girls, Glitzer Glitzer Glitzer, swirls swirls swirls! Forever together! We are Linda and Heather! Best friends!”

It seems like a classic example of two teachers behaving completely out of the character they normally project onto their students, and the video has received an enthusiastic response.

“They’re both like very focused, usually not super-silly teachers,” Miller said. “Seeing her doing the TikTok dance was a whole different kind of insane humor. They are definitely an iconic duo at our school. “

However, Vidergar felt that the video wasn’t so atypical for the two teachers.

“Mr. Edelbrock and Mr. Yoder are very funny and nice teachers. I think it wasn’t great (surprising) for her to do something like that, ”she said.

But it took some convincing before the two science teachers agreed to make the video.

“We told them ‘No!’ At first,” said Edelbrock, explaining his and Yoder’s reaction to Miller and Vidergar’s suggestion. “They actually created a tutorial and convinced us to watch it. When Jeff and I discovered that it was only nine seconds long, required very little dancing skills / coordination, and a lot of our students wanted us to do it, we finally agreed. “

The video was taken during a lunch break in the school’s chemistry lab and then posted on TikTok that afternoon.

“It was going crazy fast. It had about 3,000 views before the sixth hour that day,” Miller said. “People came up to me and asked me about it.”

Edelbrock and Yoder said this had been a fun adventure.

“Our rooms are directly opposite, which has meant that we interrupt each other in class for one reason or another,” said Edelbrock. “Neither of us had any idea how quickly (the video) would spread. What I loved hearing from previous students was how much they liked it.”

“Both he and I do a pretty good job playing the ‘grumpy old teacher’ shit in class, so the kids were pretty overwhelmed that he and I would actually agree,” Yoder said.

According to Miller, this is not the end of Yoder and Edelbrock’s TikTok careers.

“Mr. Edelbrock and Mr. Yoder have decided that I and Olivia can make a TikTok video of them in every tagging period. I think they just like the attention, ”Miller said. “So I can get at least three more out of them if I can’t convince them to do more (than that).”

“Most of the people who have seen (the video) just think it’s really funny because a lot of the kids I talked to had one of them as a teacher. Everyone likes them, ”remarked Vidergar.

You can find a link to the video by Yoder and Edelbrock at https://bit.ly/39MNwpF.

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