Michael Le Will get ‘Arrested’ for Filming TikTok Dance on Cop Automotive, However This is What Actually Went Down

TikTok star Michael Le appeared to be “arrested” while filming his latest viral video on Tuesday, but now he’s set the record straight. In a new video released on Friday, Le stated that the police who arrested him were actors and that he was there the entire time. He said he set up the video as a prank on his own family.

“So was it real?” Le asked in his new Instagram statement. “Ye … No. It was actually a prank that Jordan Matter and I started on my family.” Here Le added a clip of Matter standing with the “police” in front of their fake patrol car and explaining, “These guys are actors, we rented this car. Michael and his family prank each other all the time, and that is a huge one. He asked me to help. “Le then explained how the video went more viral than he’d hoped.

“So I was about to say something, but I honestly found it pretty funny and crazy that it kind of just happened,” he said, adding screenshots of headlines about his “arrest” for context. “So I apologize to everyone who really took care of my safety, but rest assured, I am very safe and not so stupid.”

Le was referring to a viral video this week in which he appeared excited before jumping on the trunk of a police car for a viral dance challenge. The two phone policemen then stormed him and pushed him against the car, handcuffed his hands behind his back, and pushed him into the cruiser. Some of the bystanders looked genuinely concerned, but it wasn’t clear which were on the prank and which were not.

The matter played its part, acting in shock and trying to argue with the actors as if they were real cops. Then he sat back and spoke to the witnesses, including Le’s mother, who was practically in shock.

Commentators had asked if this was a prank from the start, but none of them were sure. Some thought that Le and Matter would not have posted the video at all if it hadn’t been part of a prank. Still, the fact that the prank was on Le’s family while the audience was watching as spectators was an added level that amused some of the spectators.

Le is known as “JustMaiko” on TikTok and YouTube, where he has millions of subscribers who follow his every move. He lived in Florida and was an early user of TikTok when the app was called Musical.ly. He is known for choreography and dance tutorials. After his “arrest” prank, he continues to produce content at a breakneck pace.

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