Methods to Verify for those who Violated Instagram Neighborhood Pointers (2021)

Instagram wants to remain as “spam-free” as possible.

You want people like people to get involved.

So you have “daily limits”.

They limit the number of actions you can take in an hour and a day.

You limit the number of:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Follows
  • Unfollowed
  • DMs
  • Combined action (a mix of the above)

If you exceed the limits, you may be classified as “spam”.

Instagram could temporarily deactivate your account.

Likewise, Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to use apps or websites that automatically like, comment, or follow for you. If you’ve ever used these tools, delete them and change your Instagram password now.

It is better to:

  • Like and comment with the speed of a normal human (don’t look like a bot)
  • Write personalized comments
  • Send personalized DMs
  • Never send the same DMs to many people

So what are the daily limits?

Instagram has not disclosed its official limits.

However, people did their tests.

Here are estimates:

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