Methods to Make Cash on Instagram in 2022 (11 methods + concepts)

Subscriptions are coming to Instagram soon.

You will be able to post unique content just for your Instagram Subscribers.

You can post Insta Stories, posts or Lives that only they can see.

The good part: You set how much people pay per month. It can range from $0.99 to $99 per month.

Now imagine you create a subscription for $5 per month, and 100 followers subscribe. You would make $500 that month.

Naturally, more people would subscribe each month. The following month, 100 more people could subscribe. This means you could make $1,000 that month.

The question is:

What kind of content could you share with your Instagram Subscribers?

If you are a content creator: Think behind the scenes and personal stories.

If you have a brand: Think bite-size courses, coaching, mentoring, tutorials and live classes.

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