Methods to know in the event you prepared to rent your first crew member

As a solo prenur it often feels like second nature to just do anything. But what if too much affects your company’s growth? Keep reading this blog post to find out what you need to know before hiring outside help.

In this blog post:

Are you ready to seek outside help?

First, let’s start with when you should hire outside help. the the clearest sign that it is time Hiring someone is when your own schedule or capacity is limiting your profitability.

For example, administrative tasks might keep you from focusing on your social media marketing or sales pitches. Or maybe you have difficulty responding to customer inquiries quickly. These are tasks that your business can actually make money from.

If you find these money making activities are at the bottom of your to-do list, it’s time to get outside help. Who knows, maybe it’s time hire a CEO for your business?

What are you willing to rent for?

Now you might be wondering what you are hiring for. As a solo preneur, I fully understand that figuring out what to outsource can be nerve-wracking. To make sure that the person you are hiring can actually help you with your business, take the time to get an idea of ​​what is going on in your company.

Write down the top stressors in your company, the tasks that you feel overwhelmed, and where your excess work is occurring. Do an audit of your week so you can see where your time is passing.

When reviewing your audit, ask yourself: “What can I automate, delegate or eliminate?”

Pay close attention to the processes that you keep repeating. When a process is clearly defined and tested, it is easier to automate or delegate to others. This is your first take!

Our business soared when we started our first hiring over five years ago. Instead of getting bogged down in repetitive, daily chores, Morgan and I could focus on the long-term goals that would help us grow the business. Our account, vision, plan, and sales have grown exponentially since that initial hire.

Even now, with almost 20 employees in the SBZ team, it is still nerve-wracking to hire someone. But even if it’s inconvenient, it’s important to outsource so that you can keep growing your business.

How Outsourcing helped Laura take her business to the next level

Finally, let’s take a look at the experience one of my senior Coaching PRO clients had when they first hired. Laura Brock, @thehouseofhanbury, is a seller specializing in antique and vintage finds. She had great success on Instagram ™ but needed someone to help her with the behind-the-scenes tasks.

Laura is like many solo tenants who try to do anything. She was struggling to package, ship, track inventory, schedule her Instagram ™ posts, and all the other tasks she needed to keep her business going. She worked with my team member Kate to write standard operating instructions for her Flash and Live sales. Then they worked together to decide all the things that she could outsource.

Now Laura has someone to help her post-sale packing / shipping, preparing Instagram ™ posts, managing inventory, posting products on her new website, and managing her accounting. Laura finally has time to focus on the tasks that she loves and that will help her achieve her business goals. Even better, with more time in her life, she was able to take on two coaching clients, which is the direction she wants to expand in.

Laura found the perfect way to do shit and is thriving on Instagram ™.

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