Methods to Flip Followers into Patrons on Instagram™

You’re on Instagram ™ to make money, right? Sure, Instagram ™ is fun filter and Instagram ™ Stories Stickers! However, if you are serious about making money, you need to convert Instagram ™ followers into buyers.

Even if you’re new to Instagram ™, you can see real results for your business. Keep reading this blog post to discover the three most effective strategies that Instagram ™ followers can use to turn into buyers, even if you’re a newbie.

Plus, how to easily reach someone who left a great comment on your Instagram ™ post.

In this blog post:

# 1 Turn Instagram ™ Followers into Buyers: Use polls in your Instagram ™ stories

Truth: People love to share their feedback and feel part of a community. Now there is an easy way to encourage people to do so Share your feedback on Instagram ™ also. That’s right, I’m talking about Instagram ™ Stories polls. You can use Instagram ™ Stories’ survey results to conduct market research.

Before you share an Instagram ™ Story poll, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • What kind of poll do you want to share? You can choose to share a sliding scale survey, multiple choice, yes / no, or an open-ended question sticker.
  • How are you going to use these results for your business? This will also help you decide what type of survey to share.
  • Is your question clear If your question is too complicated, people don’t answer, they just type through.

For example, if you’re a trainer or coach, you might want to create a poll with a pain point. You can use a yes / no poll to ask your followers if they are having trouble integrating their workout into their day.

If the majority of people say yes, then you need to create more content that focuses on short, effective workouts for your busy followers.

# 2 Turn Instagram ™ Followers Into Buyers: Create thoughtful direct messages to your survey takers

Let’s go one step further now. You can actually send direct messages to your survey takers. All you have to do is tap on your poll results. Then tap the airplane icon to open a direct Instagram ™ message.

There are a few things you can say to your respondents. First, you could give them a simple tip that applies to your job. For example, if your follower says “yes” they are struggling to fit into a workout, you could say:

“I hear you! The training is still difficult for me and I am a personal trainer.”

Sending this direct Instagram ™ message is a great opportunity to share one of your free resources. For example, you could send this follower your quick 20 minute workout. Just make sure you ask if they’re interested before sending a link.

The The conversation continues and you deserve the trust of your successor. This is not about driving a hard sell. Instead, you want people to know that you are a point of contact. Once they trust you, they’re more likely to become a loyal, paying customer.

# 3 Turn Instagram ™ Followers into Buyers: Simple Direct Message to a Follower

Here’s my final tip for converting Instagram ™ followers into buyers. Reach out to followers and leave comments on your Instagram ™ posts. You don’t even have to look up your Instagram ™ profile.

Just tap the three dots next to your comment and then the airplane icon. You can then send them a direct message directly from the comments. For example, if someone says they love your product, you can immediately ask if they’d like to know more about your offering.

Create deep relationships This way you motivate the followers to buy from you. If you are real with your followers, you will see real results!

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