Methods to Change Background Coloration in Instagram Story?

Instagram may not currently have this feature on all Android phones.

So the above trick may not work.

In this case, you need to use another trick.

It may seem like many steps, but believe me, it will literally be 30 seconds before you do it and you will get addicted to it.

  1. Download the Swiftkey Keyboard app.
  2. Save your background color or your photo in your gallery
  3. Take a screenshot of it
  4. Share a post from a feed with your Instagram story
  5. Make the background white
  6. Take a screenshot of the screen
  7. Crop the screenshot to select the post only
  8. Make the post huge
  9. Press the “Text” button (aA)
  10. Press the “Sticker” button
  11. Press the “Pin” button
  12. Press the “Camera” button
  13. Select the screenshot of the post

You may be wondering:

“But it won’t be clickable”

Yes, it is.

Your post is in the background and is still active. Users can tap the screenshot and still go to your grid to view it.

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