Methods to add HIGH high quality images and movies on Instagram? (2021)

Instagram shared the best format for photos and images:


“When you share a photo on Instagram, regardless of whether you use Instagram for iPhone or Android, we make sure that it is uploaded in the best possible resolution (up to a width of 1080 pixels).”

They go on by saying:

“If you share a photo that is between 320 and 1080 pixels wide, we’ll keep the photo’s original resolution as long as the photo’s aspect ratio is between 1.91: 1 and 4: 5 (a height between 566 and 1350 pixels with a Width of 1080 pixels). If the aspect ratio of your photo is not supported, it will be cropped to a supported ratio. If you share a photo at a lower resolution, we’ll enlarge it to a width of 320 pixels. If you share a photo with a higher resolution, we will reduce it to a width of 1080 pixels. “

Make sure you have “High quality uploads“To increase your chance of maximum photo or video quality.

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