Meta’s head of AR {hardware} on the way forward for AR

While VR headsets have been with us for at least a decade, AR hardware hardly exists today; In fact, the components that will make up the hardware hardly exist, making it a true zero-to-one innovation challenge. Meta’s Head of AR Glasses Hardware, Caitlin Kalinowski, is helping to take on this task. Kalinowski is from Portsmouth, NH and studied mechanical engineering at Stanford University. A veteran of Meta’s VR team, she led the product design and integration of the metaquest.

Kalinowski recently spoke to Tech@ about the differences between VR and AR and how in her current role she is developing hardware that needs to be smaller, lighter and similar or as powerful as the VR headsets she helped develop earlier in her career . Kalinowski also explores how diversity – of ability, temperament, sensibility, ethnicity, gender and sexuality – is crucial for innovation. Finally, she discusses the role of collaboration and creating a safe space for mistakes that helps navigate the vast space between zero and one.

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