Menace in TikTok video lands Palm Desert scholar in Juvenile Corridor

A TikTok video showing a student damaging school property and threatening violence against a peace officer led to the arrest of a student. This is also a reason officials are urging parents to address social media use with their school-age children.

A Palm Desert High School employee was made aware of the post Wednesday morning and the student was arrested before entering the school that day. MPs say “at no time have students been in imminent danger.” The student is now in the juvenile detention center and faces an upcoming trial.

“Prior to the arrest, the School Resources Representative, Palm Desert High School Administration, and District Security worked in partnership to ensure the safety of our students and teachers before the school opened.” MPs told News Channel 3 in a statement. “Experience in each area continues to show the importance of working together and understanding the challenges that social media and the crime often associated with it pose.”

The MPs ask the parents to talk to their children about threatening or illegal posts and to point out possible criminal consequences. Articles on the Internet are “traceable, retrievable and verifiable”.

News Channel 3 has reached out to the Desert Sands Unified School District for a comment.

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