Meet TikTok’s Alena Yildiz as marriage ceremony invite story goes viral

Everyone dreams of being part of a friend’s wedding. But what if you are not invited because of the way you look? Well, TikTok user Alena had an experience like this that she went viral for.

TikTok may be the best platform to share your stories that may go unheard elsewhere. Alena just had to share pictures of herself in a sensual wedding dress, which apparently led to her not being invited to her close friend’s wedding.

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Who is Alena Yildiz?

Alena is a model at the age of 21. She is from Heidelberg, Germany.

Aside from her latest video that broke the internet, she is known for her stunning looks. Many of her followers have even pointed out that she is very similar to Ariana Grande.

She has over 175,000 followers on Instagram and more than 187,000 on TikTok.

Alena just recently graduated. In one of her posts on Instagram on September 26th, Alena announced that she has completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Researched TikToker’s viral video

Alena receives support from her followers after telling her story of not being invited to a close friend’s wedding because she “looked good”.

The video, which was first shared on December 13, garnered more than 11.6 million views.

The overlay text in TikTok reads: “My close friend didn’t invite me to her wedding because she thought I looked too good in the dress SHE chose for me.”

She posted a few more TikToks after the video went viral to thank people for sharing her story.

Alena even posted a baby picture of herself when asked by fans, as they praised her for her looks.

Growing Up: The Step Up | Trailer | Palace TV +



Growing Up: The Step Up | Trailer | Palace TV +





TikTok users support them

Under Alena’s original TikTok, many have said what her friend did wrong.

One wrote: “SHE chose the dress so she could have simply asked you to change instead of grossly unloading you. ‘

Another wrote: “Back then, she didn’t just choose a different dress.”

“She chose the dress. You are not the problem, you look great, ”commented another.

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