Meet the revolutionary startups from the Fb Accelerator: Enterprise Options program

With more than 200 million companies using one of our apps each month, Facebook plays a key role in helping small businesses stay connected with customers, innovate, and grow. Facebook has been supporting small businesses with free training, resources and tools for a number of years, and in 2020 we accelerated our investments by launching shops on Facebook and Instagram, the Facebook Business Suite and, more recently, the Facebook Business App Store.

Our next investment in this area is the launch of Facebook Accelerator: Business Solutions – a 12-week virtual program to support 61 startups worldwide that offer solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in four categories:

  • Customer data platforms (CDPs)
  • System integrators
  • Service apps
  • Creative apps

For three months, selected startups will have the opportunity to benefit from comprehensive training courses on Facebook’s products and technologies, seek advice from Facebook product and partnership experts, and build a global network of co-founders and innovators.

Today we are happy to announce the 61 startups invited to participate in the Facebook Accelerator: Business Solutions program. These startups were evaluated by an international panel of Facebook experts as part of our application process and were selected for their product, which focuses on adding value to small and medium-sized businesses, a diverse and focused leadership team, breakthrough technology and evidence of business growth.

22 companies joining the program from Asia Pacific are:

Customer data platforms (CDPs)

Analytist (Thailand) whose CDP product GrowthAI offers predictive analytics and marketing automation.

APEX Technologies (China), a customer data technology that combines big data, AI and blockchain technology.

ConvertLab (China) offers an integrated marketing cloud for customer-centric digitization as a marketing solution.

Deeply Digital (Australia / India), offers real-time customer insights and hyper-personalization.

Landscape (Japan), a B2B database company designed to support customer acquisition.

NHN DATA / Dighty (South Korea) to discover potential customers in data and increase the value of available data.

ORDERLY / Ezorderly (Taiwan), offers e-commerce companies data aggregation, analysis and application on one platform.

PrimeData (Vietnam) offers CDP-driven data and automation that offers all business areas unified customer data and personalization experience management.

Realmax (Vietnam), a digital transformation consultant who focuses on applying agile and lean development principles to solve business problems.

Reddoor MarTech / Eagle Eye (Taiwan), a CDP that helps customers manage all customer information on one platform.

Sensors Data (China), a professional service provider for big data analysis and a platform for organizations with consulting services and industrial solutions.

TechSun Incorporation (China), a global customer loyalty platform consisting of CDP and CRM modules that helps brands build a 360 ° view of customers and their engagement on a personalized level.

Business apps

Convo (Australia) helps small businesses create effective marketing campaigns.

With (South Korea), an AI-based influencer matchmaking platform.

GliaCloud (Taiwan), an AI technology company enabling the media and advertising industries to turn stories into high-quality videos on a large scale.

Mish Guru (New Zealand) helps brands source, moderate and publish powerful story content for Snapchat and Instagram.

Now Book It (Australia), a platform that enables restaurants to take bookings online, manage tables, sell gift cards, take online orders and build a customer database.

Ovatu (Australia), intelligent planning software that helps companies simplify, automate and scale their booking process.

Quickwork (India), a leading integration platform for creating workflows, publishing APIs and managing conversations.

ShowHue (Taiwan), an online tool that helps companies create stunning graphics to market their products using an AI-based algorithm.

Simple Salon (Australia), a leading provider of proven, state-of-the-art, cloud-based salon software.

Stunning (South Korea), whose creative platform LoudSourcing offers a design crowdsourcing service for SMEs.

22 companies from Europe, the Middle East and Africa participating in the program are:

Customer data platforms (CDPs)

Africa’s Talking (Kenya), an API provider that has developed a customer engagement platform.

CrossEngage (Germany), software that collects data and makes predictions via a CDP and a customer prediction platform.

Custimy (Denmark), no-code CDP that is ready to use in less than 15 minutes.

Data Talks (Sweden), a CDP that collects data to build a data pool and run automated campaigns.

Formaloo (Estonia), a platform that helps companies collect data and create customer profiles.

Mindbox (Russia), a CDP that collects isolated data and segments audiences.

Nessie (Belgium), no-code CDP that collects customer data and builds data pools.

Segmentify (UK), an e-commerce personalization platform that helps online retailers personalize their website through data collection.

SegmentStream (UK), a marketing analysis and optimization platform that brings together data in a data warehouse and generates insights.

White Rabbit (Italy), an easy-to-use platform specially designed for small businesses.

Zeotap (Germany), a customer intelligence platform that uses their universal ID solution to track customers without cookies.

Business apps:

Appointedd (UK), a cloud-based appointment booking solution that helps companies manage and plan customer data.

ContentCal (UK), a content marketing planning tool that helps marketing agencies manage social media postings from one platform.

DIKIDI (Russia) offers small businesses an app that helps them manage their bookings online, and their customers – book online.

Hospitality Digital (Germany) offers an appointment booking platform for companies in the hotel industry.

Minta (Israel) offers AI-powered software that analyzes real-time data from an online store and automatically creates the most effective video ads to promote a product.

Optios (Belgium), a SaaS for salon owners that manages the company’s accounting, keeps track of inventory and increases the visibility of the salon.

Photoslurp (Spain) uses AI to collect user-generated content and publish it on the brand’s e-commerce platform. (Israel), analyzes the creative content published on an advertising account and generates reports, insights and suggestions.

SheerME (Portugal), an online appointment booking system for retailers in the wellness, beauty and fitness industries.

ZEG (UK), a platform that converts 2D photos into 3D rendering.

Zyda (Egypt), a platform that helps restaurants set up their own website to take orders

The 17 companies from North America participating in the program include:

Business apps (Canada) enables small businesses to manage their take-out and self-managed delivery orders without third-party apps or marketplaces.

Bbot (United States of America), a grocery ordering solution that does not require an account creation or app download.

BigVu (United States of America), a short business video destination app.

BLKBOX (United States of America) enables companies to create data-driven campaigns in less than a minute and automate their creative testing processes.

Cameraah (United States of America), a no-code tool for creating AR experiences for social media and commerce in minutes.

ConvertEvent (Canada) is helping brands collect more customer data through the Facebook Conversions API.

CreatorKit (US), which enables businesses to create animated videos, stories, and ads in minutes.

Crello (United States of America / Cyprus), an online platform for the easy creation of videos and graphic designs.

GlamAfric (United States of America), a beauty scheduling and business platform that makes it easy for African beauty companies worldwide to manage bookings, payments, marketing and product sales.

Lunchbox (United States of America) offers a suite of business solutions that are redefining the digital dining experience.

PandaFlow (United States of America), a low-code / no-code automation and integration platform.

Phyllo (United States of America), a data gateway for direct access to author data from the source platforms.

ROAR (United States of America), an augmented reality content management platform that creates immersive shopping experiences, drives consumer engagement, and delivers invaluable data and ROI for brands and retailers.

Setka (United States of America), which combines design and data science to help distributed teams grow their business through enhanced content experiences.

Tailwind (United States of America), a platform that enables companies to create, plan and optimize marketing campaigns.

UNUM (United States of America), a developer of a customizable platform that aims to strengthen the connection between content and creators.

Vcita (United States of America), a planning software and calendar for small businesses.

The Facebook Accelerator: Business Solutions program is provided in partnership with Plug and Play, an open innovation platform with over 2,000 accelerated startups in the last year alone and over 500 partners. Plug and Play is also one of the most active VCs worldwide in the early stage segment with an average of 200 investments per year and more than 20 unicorns in the portfolio. Today Plug and Play is present in more than 40 cities in America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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