Meet Mikkie Gallagher, TikTok person goes viral for IUD removing video

Tiktok is known for showcasing some of the most dangerous trends and now a user by the name of Mikkie Gallagher has gone viral for her home IUD removal video.

As if swapping your hair for Gorilla Glue and filing your teeth with a nail file wasn’t enough, several TikTok users are considering removing their spirals themselves after watching Mikkie’s video. We are here to explain the dangers of doing such a stunt and why you shouldn’t try it.

Researched viral TikTok for IUD removal

TikTok user Mikkie first shared the video in which she allegedly removed her own IUD a few months ago. However, the clip is suddenly trending and showing up on people’s feeds.

The viral video has no dialogue, but Mikkie has added text throughout to narrate the process. It is headed “This is NOT medical advice, it only took 2 minutes”.

The Tiktoker wears a surgical glove, while the text in the video reads: “Come with me for a little DIY IUD removal”.

After another text “diving right in,…” Mikkie lets her hand slide down while her face is cut off from the camera and returns a few seconds later with a T-shaped device in hand.

The overlay text is, “Much easier than I thought tbh.”

The video ends with her posing in front of the camera with the alleged IUD in her hand, while the text reads: “CATCH OF THE DAY MIRENA IUD”.

Who is Mikkie Gallagher?

Mikkie is a TikToker based in Ireland. She has over 25,000 followers on the platform and her videos have received more than 1.7 million views.

She is also the mother of a daughter who can often be seen in her videos. TikToker posted a video two days ago saying she turned 27.

Many of Mikkie’s videos focus on her private life and she discusses topics from everyday events.

Mikkie shared another video today (Sept. 22) claiming she was asked for a comment on her viral TikTok by the Daily Mail. The text reads, “If DailyMail asks you to comment on your IUD removal, but then tells you the article went in a different direction and write a hit article instead.”

She titled it: “Ignoring context that does not fit into the narrative as usual.”

TikTok – Hum Nose Trailer



TikTok – Hum Nose Trailer





Why you shouldn’t remove IUDs at home

Although many TikTok users seem encouraged by Mikkie’s video and have claimed that they would try to remove their IUDs at home, experts have warned about the method.

According to Yahoo, health expert Dr. Bajekal, said, “1 in 2 women don’t know exactly where their cervix is, and since the IUD is placed deep inside the uterus, grasping the sutures and removing the uterus without proper equipment can be quite a challenge. “

Emphasizing the importance of getting medical attention to do this, she said, “Healthcare professionals have specialized equipment, lighting, and clinical experience that generally make a potentially uncomfortable procedure a very minor process.”

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