Meet Cucumber, the Healthful and Motivational TikTok Dinosaur

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TikTok is a popular app that many people enjoy using. However, sometimes TikTok can be used as an extreme procrastination mode. Maybe you just wanted to watch TikTok for 15 minutes; All of a sudden, you’ve spent three hours scrolling through videos instead. With the amount of great content in the app, it can be a black hole that pulls all the motivation out of your body.

Like other popular social media apps, TikTok can be a vessel that people use to compare themselves to others. It can be difficult to constantly see other people perfectly dressed, beautiful, and living better lives than you. It can make you feel worse. Or maybe you are already feeling bad about yourself and are using TikTok not to think about it.

Either way, TikTok is a fun app, but it may not always be the best one for a person’s mental health. Fortunately, there is a TikTok account made especially for you: cucumberlovesyou. By watching the videos on this healthy and lovable account, you can spend time on TikTok while improving your mood and motivating you to make time for the app.

Cucumberlovesyou is a TikTok account with 237,000 followers. The account has less than 30 TikToks, but the videos have garnered over 2.4 million views. What about all the hype and love that surrounds that particular account? Much of the audience’s love goes to the account’s mascot: a tiny, green stuffed dinosaur named Cucumber.

The videos feature footage of cucumbers doing cute, productive chores and prompting viewers to do the chores alongside them. A few things the little dinosaur does are brush teeth, drink water, go for a walk, make tea, search for constellations, watch movies, and much more. To improve health, Cucumber even has a mini mask to wear when he goes for a walk and a small cup from which he can drink water with his onlookers.

The actions may seem small, but the memories can mean a lot. For some people struggling with their mental health, it can be difficult to complete everyday tasks. A supportive and non judgmental reminder to open windows and let in natural light, go for a walk, have a drink or even take a shower can help improve a person’s mood significantly.

These memories won’t magically improve the sanity of someone watching any of Cucumber’s videos, but they could remind viewers that there is someone out there to take care of them and their health. It’s a small feeling, but it has helped bring together a community of people who feel they have been seen by cucumberlovesyou’s videos.


Eleven self-care day with cucumber! ❤️🥒 (pause at the end to read!) @Bellzi #bellzieplush #cuketok #selfcareday #health #yourhealthmatters #bellzi

♬ Repeat till death – new love

With a mix of soothing music, voice overs, and heartwarming quotes from Cucumber, the TikToks aim to help a wide variety of people with their sanity. Some videos are a bit simpler, with each favorite dinosaur helping viewers fall asleep at night, do their homework, exercise, or calm down after a wine session.

Some of the videos produced by cucumberlovesyou are a little more ambitious. Sometimes cucumber uses techniques to help its viewers who are suffering from anxiety, depression, uncontrollable tics, or eating disorders. The videos do not contain medical advice and should not be used in lieu of medical assistance if someone needs it.

However, the videos offer tips like slow inhalations and exhalations, time to step inside, and wash your face to calm yourself down. In the video where Cucumber helps his viewers who are having trouble eating, he takes a bite out of a strawberry and encourages the viewer to take a bite of food no matter how small the bite needs to be. The gestures are small but helpful.

The rise of the cucumberlovesyou account has been quick and there is a whole community of people in the comments explaining how much Cucumber has helped them. In the first video posted on the account, viewers wrote comments such as, “The fact that this got me out of bed …” and “Not me crying because a stuffed dinosaur named cucumber told me I should.” should take care of myself and I am. ” will be alright. “

Only these two comments show the effects cucumber has had on people’s mental health. It’s also important to note that a number of countries are still feeling the full effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people still feel lonely due to prolonged isolation. Also, in online school, many students still feel unmotivated, unproductive, and bad about themselves.

Cucumber is a little friend to anyone who watches his videos. He speaks directly to the audience and quotes: “Gurke is so proud of you. He knows how hard it was. He wants you to know that you are loved and worthy. “And” Gurke understands that it gets lonely in these difficult times, but it won’t last forever, hold your head up, friend! “

Seeing this encouragement and positivity means the world to many people. Another commenter even said, “Cucumber is one of the things that keeps me from getting deeper into my depression. Thank you for posting this. You help so much. “Gurke has effectively created a community of individuals who are either grappling with their sanity, struggling with quarantine isolation, or going through a difficult period.

No matter how you’re feeling right now, if you ever need to pick me up, head over to the TikTok account cucumberlovesyou can be helpful. If you ever feel like you are spending too much time on the app and have some motivation to get up and do something else, watching a little stuffed dinosaur do some other activity like doing homework to finally get the boost might help getting what you need to get yours done. Because Cucumber loves you and that may be exactly the support you need right now.

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