McDonald’s Worker’s TikTok Goes Viral After Being Hit With A 6,400 Merchandise Order

A huge McDonald’s to-go order has the internet under its spell, with one employee sharing the almost unbelievable receipt on TikTok for everyone to see. It doesn’t take much to become a viral sensation. All you need is the right mix of social media algorithms and a popular user to share your post. When you add an amazing order of 6,400 items at McDonald’s, you are almost guaranteed to attract a very large audience to match the order. The specialty of this McDonald’s inquiry was that it had a four-hour inquiry window.

The TikTok video by user @ brittanicurtis23 (via is headed: “When a customer calls and says that he needs 1,600 McChicken, 1,600 McDoubles and 3,200 Cokies in four hours …” Along with the tired and angry Looking at @ brittanicurtis23 we also see numerous boxes full of McChicken, McDoubles and biscuits. Her post also says: “Don’t lie, your girl is tired!”

@ britanicurtis23

#greenscreenvideo no lie, your girl is TIRED! #fyp #trending #foryou #mcdonalds

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Although it’s only been live on TikTok for three days, the McDonald’s Post already has over 106,000 likes and 1,150 comments. This is the kind of engagement social media influencers dream of. If you browse the many comments, you’ll find that a local jail placed the order and prepaid before the items were cooked and packaged.

If you’re wondering how all of the food was kept warm during preparation, our TikTok expert replied, “Try to keep them in water for as long as possible, wrap them right before you send them off and after you take them away. .. it’s on her to keep her warm LOL. “

At the very least, it makes sense that a prison would be the customer who places such a large to-go order. For one thing, not many people could afford such a high bill. Second, one has to wonder who would eat so many McChickens and McDoubles.

TikTok is home to a lot of creative content. A Marvel superfan has created a video showing off his Avengers-inspired outfits, which range from Iron Man to the Hulk, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man. There was also the fusion of the faces of Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth, along with TikTok adding Ghostface’s voice from Scream.

“I’m the voice of TikTok now,” Scream Movies’ official Twitter account has subtitled the video explaining how to add the voice to your videos.

If you’re a TikTok user or even a fan of the McDonald’s menu, let us know in the comments what you think of this great order.

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