McDonald’s McRib Uncovered in TikTok Exhibiting How the Sandwich Is Made

McDonald’s McRib is a legend and a shame, and a new TikTok video showing how the sandwich is made takes this infamous legend to whole new viral heights! TikTok user “@ zaezae1098” posted a video titled “How a McRib Gets Made” that exploded on the social media site, getting over 10.8 million views, 909.5 thousand likes and 26.4 Has a thousand comments. The top comment for the video is perhaps the best indicator of why it has received such widespread public attention: “Does anyone else feel like this makes the already unsavory McRib seem even less appetizing?” –Lenore

@ zaezae1098

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The topic of the TikTok page “@zaezae” (aka Isaiah Gilley) is “How McDonald’s food works”; It’s a series of videos in which the young McDonald’s employee records his daily food preparation routines and cuts it into snappy little TikToks. It’s actually a pretty intriguing (and well-presented) look into the food preparation of the fast food mega-chain. Other videos on the subject include “McCleanup” (a video that reveals McDonald’s cleaning practices); a look at the preparation of a quarter pounder burger; as well as videos on other foods ranging from desserts like cookies and apple pie to other burgers like the Bacon Deluxe Double Quarter Burger. There are even a few videos of the McDonald’s staff trying to fix the restaurant and even a couple of humorous videos of the Gilley’s McDonald’s staff eating KFC in the break room or making hilarious videos of each other for others Blaming viral examples of gross McDonald’s food.

In a twist that shouldn’t surprise anyone, Isaiah Gilley recently updated his hastags to include colorful listings like this one:

“#mcdonalds #mcdonaldssecrets #ASOSChaoticToCalm #fyp シ #fastfood #terminated #howitworks #mcscrewed #howmcdondaldsworkersbeatwork #FIRED”

Gilley isn’t kidding either: in a series of recent TikToks shows, the young McDonald’s employee is informed that he is being “investigated” by management, followed by his official resignation:

“So here’s an update: I was fired,” says Gilley in the video. “The manager sat me down and pretty much told me I was going to quit because I signed a contract that said I won’t divulge the secrets of McDonald’s and I can’t reveal what’s behind the counters at McDonald’s and all that good stuff is made. And apparently I just gave McDonald’s a bad rap in general.

Gilley is also quick to claim that his alleged violation of company policies was really just the truth that came to light:

And really, I was just showing you how their food is prepared. It’s not my fault that they serve people awful food … I think this is where the next job is going. ”

As a “failsafe”, Isiah Gilley made a few videos of McDonald’s practices before his resignation, which he is now posting on his TikTok page.

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