Many TikTok Challenges Are Crimes

Rock Springs Police Department is warning people that a number of the upcoming challenges on TikTok are crimes and say they will prosecute those who commit vandalism or other crimes that are incited by the challenges.

This emerges from a post on the RSPD Facebook page. According to the post, recent vandalism incidents in Sweetwater County School District # 1 have caused thousands of dollars in damage to the district’s buildings and disrupted the learning environment for students in the district. Sweetwater District # 1 isn’t the only school district in Wyoming that has reported vandalism triggered by posts on TikTok.

The director of Johnson Jr. High in Cheyenne recently raised similar concerns and said of the vandalism, “We need to stop this.” Similar incidents have been reported in schools in Colorado.

According to the Rock Springs Police Department post, future TikTok challenges may be subject to more vandalism:

RSPD has also learned that there are several more trends through July 2022, known as TikTok Challenges, which include different challenges each month that appear to be aimed at schools, staff and students. RSPD wants to inform parents that most of the challenges are crime and the RSPD will thoroughly investigate all incidents and those responsible will be brought to justice. Incidents on the school premises can also lead to disciplinary action by the school against the responsible students who are related to the crimes.

Former President Donald Trump once tried to ban TikTok on the grounds that the company posed a security threat because of its ties to China, but to no avail. Trump has issued an executive order

President Biden dropped efforts to ban the company in the United States.

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