Make your TikTok aesthetic with Notion: This is tips on how to set it up

There’s a new, fun way to stay organized and blow up online.

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At the start of the pandemic, properly organized planners were left on office and classroom desks across America. But Gen Z seems to have found an answer to the organizational problems of studying from home in a strange but aesthetically pleasing place: an enterprise software called Notion, which offers a digital workspace for jotting down, creating to-do lists, creating mood boards and more . Its clean, trendy look and ease of setup have made it a new mainstay in TikTok groups to learn, stay organized and avoid wasting time between different apps.

After scrolling through social media posts on Notion aesthetics and setups, the appeal is evident. Here’s what to learn about Notion, the TikTok communities that use the software, and how to set it up yourself.

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What is term?

Notion is a minimalist organization tool released in 2018 that can be used on desktop or mobile. With Notion, users get an all-in-one workspace for task lists, notes, calendars, time and project management, habit tracking and more. Notion offers free accounts for personal use as well as various paid plans for teams and companies.

With the vast majority of staff and students working from home and taking classes, Notion seems to have its moment in the sun – especially after it became TikTok’s new favorite.

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In the hands of Gen Z, Notion found its place seamlessly on the Studyblr, StudyTok (even StudyTwt!) Subcultures on social media.

Wait … studyblr?

Studyblr – a mashup of study and Tumblr – is an academic subculture with searchable followers and groups focused on organization and study, found on Tumblr, TikTok (studyTok), Instagram, and Twitter (studytwt). The contributions contain aesthetically pleasing (often cozy) photos of desk assemblies, colorful planners, stylistic notes, calendars and much more. It is also sometimes referred to as Academia Aesthetic.

Since Notion is essentially a blank chalkboard, TikTokkers can use Notion to show off their personality by uploading photos, importing fonts, arranging templates, and creating color schemes.

Beyond posting photos, some people use Notion to leave links inviting others to join digital study sessions on Twitch and free tutoring on Discord.

Users find new study friends and a new network by posting about where they are in school and what they are learning or what they are interested in.

Getting started with Notion

If your interest is as piqued as my interest in an all-in-one hub for customizable organizations, here’s how to set up a free Notion account:

  1. Visit the Notion website on the desktop or download the app for Android or iOS

  2. Sign in to Google, Apple, or a separate email address

  3. Select For me – the free version of the software

  4. Click or tap Take Me to Notion

From there you get to a Getting Started menu and Notion gives you quick tips on getting started with templates. The free version of the software contains templates that you can use, add, edit or delete depending on the purpose. You can choose from templates like task list, journal, reading list, and more. Notion also has a how-to section that lets you learn more about customizing your pages for ultimate productivity.

Plus, you can connect Google Drive, Evernote, Trello, and Asana so everything you need is where you need it.

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