Make ChatGPT your Private Assistant—with these 5 prompts

Imagine having an assistant at your fingertips, helping you write your social media posts and sparking fresh ideas in literally seconds. That’s the magic of ChatGPT prompts. We are here today to help remove the headache and blank screens from your content creation process. We’ve talked about this tool before… but today, we’re getting specific with how to interact with it.

By the end of this blog post you will have 5 ChatGPT prompts that will revolutionize your Instagram posting, making your Instagram captions pop and your posts engaging without too much thought.

What’s in this blog post?

Prompt 1: Update Your Writing Tone

Do you ever struggle with writing your descriptions on IG? Maybe too wordy, or too salesy? Our first prompt can be used in a number of different ways but it’s basically asking ChatGPT to phrase your description using a different tone.

“Can you make this Instagram description sound more casual?” 

Use this prompt to infuse a friendly and relatable tone into your captions, making them feel like a conversation with your followers. Think about it—making your captions sound relatable and friendly can instantly connect with your audience. 

It can be written like this example:

“Re-write this instagram description as a business woman talking about {YOUR TOPIC}. Use a friendly and conversational tone. 

“[your description]”

We all want to sound approachable and engaging, so we can build that intimate connection with our followers.

Prompt 2 – Rephrase

Our second prompt is similar but can be really useful when repurposing content and refreshing a post description! Major time saver! (Make sure to check out our 2 blog posts on repurposing and reformatting!)

This is your chance to breathe new life into existing text. You can even ask ChatGPT for multiple versions at the same time, and it’ll generate the versions in moments.

Your prompt would be:

“Rephrase the following copy. Give me 5 options of how I can say the following differently.” 

“[your text]”

ChatGPT will come up with creative alternatives to your existing text. So if you are reposting a past Instagram post, or using an older post for a new Reel, this will freshen up your copy without giving you a headache!

Prompt 3 – Knowledge Bomb

This next prompt is a goldmine for when you feel stuck talking about what to post about. And it will definitely uncover something you haven’t thought of.

“Share 5 interesting facts about [topic]”

It’s like a knowledge bomb that positions you as an authority in your niche! You can ask for as many facts or ideas as you’d like, and then pick and choose what you want to share or elaborate on.

Prompt 4 – Copywriter Assistant

Another prompt that will help you use ChatGPT as a writing assistant

“How can I say this more clearly: [your text]” 

Sometimes, simplicity is key. When you are not an expert copywriter or social media manager, this is really valuable. It’s about making sure your content is easily digestible and impactful, creating a memorable experience for your audience.

Prompt 5 – Copy Editor

Grammar matters!

“Is the grammar in this description correct?”
“[insert description]”

Ensuring your content is error-free boosts your credibility and enhances your followers’ reading experience. This can save so much time proofreading and editing your own copy, when sometimes things get missed!

Timesaving Conclusion + Free Live Training

Using these ChatGPT prompts cuts your posting time in half while enhancing your quality. You’re not just saving time; you’re creating content that is proofread, edited, and full of fresh ideas! It’s also a nice tool to use to just get your own ideas and balls rolling in the creative process.

Imagine the hours you will free up, allowing you to focus on what matters most in your business.  I hope you’re excited about the possibilities, because these prompts are just the beginning. Our live ChatGPT training dives deeper, offering more advanced prompts and a lot of real-life post examples.

You can register by clicking the link HERE! Our last live training had such great feedback, we had to offer it again! 

Keep in mind, Instagram success is about authentically engaging your audience and showing up consistently. These prompts will help you foster that connection and make it easier to show up.

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