Magnificence Development 2021: TikTok Cosmetology Merchandise

Style & Trend Expert Britney Levine Some great beauty trends are back from TikTok! These beauty hacks are on everyone’s lips – and everyone is participating.

In addition to fashion trends, TikTok has served as a reliable showcase for the hottest beauty trends and products. From mist to eyelashes, style expert Britney Levin has all the items you’ve always wanted to get in on the fun while learning some great tricks along the way!

-Trend # 1: Soap Bubbles

Description: Eyebrow trends fluctuate over the years. It used to contain thin things, but now the thick eyebrows are back! Now that people who crave larger eyebrows are loosening their lint, “soap eyebrows” refers to how to groom them.

To complete this look you will need:

1. Miss AAOA is holding my eyebrow soap
Miss AAOA holds my eyebrow soap, $ 1
AOA Brow Spoolie, $ 1.00,
-This clear pale soap tames your eyebrows all day and keeps them in place.
– Spray water or face mist on the Hold My Brow Soap.
-Take a clean spray brush and brush it with soap.
-Brow your eyebrows in the direction and shape you want.
– Brush your eyebrows with this must-have and essential spray to get your eyebrows in place.
-Last step: add a settings spray!
3. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, $ 15,
-I love the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray from Urban Decay – it not only gives the eyebrows a great hold, but also the make-up a great hold

Trend # 2: #NOMOACNE
-Band-Aid to Get Rid of Acne (Dermis Approved!)

1. Band-Aid
Band-Aid branded Hydroseal adhesive dressing, $ 4.19, Rite Aid Store
-Everyone knows that summer heat and humidity can increase the skin’s sweat and oil production, leading to increased pore clogging and breakouts.
-The main trend we are seeing in the fight against acne is hydrophilic colloidal bandages.
-Thick and fluffy plaster for wound healing, not the usual plaster.
-When you wake up, much of the white fluid from acne is absorbed by the bandages, resulting in a fall and awesome moments!
2. Acne patches
Mighty Patch Original, 36 packs / $ 12.99, 72 packs / $ 21.99,
– Another alternative option are acne patches
-I love the original patch from Mighty Patch
-The award-winning hydrocolloid patch visibly flattens and removes acne overnight – so you can wake up with clearer skin.
-Safe, gentle and non-irritating for all ages and skin types.
-Made of plant-based hydrophilic colloid (natural liquid absorbent gel), chemical free, medical grade, allergy tested, ideal for sensitive skin.
AOA Skin Invisible Acne Patch, $ 1.77
-Korean AOA Skin Acne Patch is the most innovative acne patch on the market!

-These patches made with tea tree and centella asiatica extract (also known as CICA) help protect and heal wounds and acne by absorbing imperfections under the skin.
-Perfect for acne that crosses your mind or just popped up!
-Patches come in two sizes, 10mm and 12mm.

Trend # 3: flushed nose
-According to TikTokers, cheeks are no longer just apples on your cheeks.
-Many of the most popular estheticians on the app recommend tapping the nose for a full face flash.
-This can be done with both powder and cream blush, but looks most natural with creamy formulas that are easy to mix.
-I love Jamie Makeup Brighter-Cheek + Highlighter Hybrid for your cheeks. Just … type, mix and shine.
-Layer … No brush required.
– Star and TikTok Star Makeup Artist- Kaley Cuoco, Jenna Dewan, Chelsea Handler
-There are 5 options for changing skin color – Cherry, Coral, Nude, Pink, Penny

Jamie Makeup Briwriter, $ 34,
Alternative: You Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Flash, $ 22,
-This product not only gives your skin a bright color, but also has a gluten-free and abuse-free formula with skin-nourishing benefits.
-Ingredients like mulberry, evening primrose, and evening primrose help combat environmental damage and soothe inflamed skin.

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