Loomis dad and mom upset college officers didn’t inform them of one other TikTok development at school

LOOMIS, Calif. (KTXL) – Parents at a Placer County school are upset after they say a TikTok challenge forced a teacher to miss class due to a medical emergency.

The parents of Del Oro High School in Loomis said they were also frustrated that the school didn’t tell them what had happened.

“The other TikTok trends that we saw should be stopped in my opinion before they spread any further,” said Jeffrey Perry.

Perry has two children visiting Del Oro, and he told FOX40 he was shocked to hear about another trend on campus.

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“Some kids spiced up a teacher’s meal in a time before (my daughter’s),” Perry said.

It was a cooking class, and Perry and other parents said off-camera that it caused a medical emergency. The trend is to hide a spoonful of salt in a thin layer of food and pass it on to someone.

“You want to know when something like this happens,” said Perry.

He said it happened this week but he hadn’t heard from the school.

FOX40 asked the Placer Union High School District about the incident.

“When one of our schools has a student or staff matter, we don’t send notifications to our parents. However, we would do this if there was an immediate safety issue as the safety of our students and staff is one of our top priorities, ”the district said.

But this incident is the latest worrying trend on social media. Last month, students across the country vandalized public school toilets and property.

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Another trend is challenging students to beat teachers. The California Teachers Association cautioned educators about the trend.

“Hitting a teacher, whether or not it leads to injury, is assault and assault, and is totally unacceptable and illegal. Recording in a classroom or on other school premises without permission is illegal, ”the CTA said.

Perry said he was upset that the school never let parents know of the latest situation.

“At least give me a chance to speak to my children and make them aware of this and how they can protect themselves from their food being blocked,” Perry said. “Today it is a salt and tomorrow it is, who knows?”

Many people the FOX40 spoke to, even some school staff, said the teacher involved was a great teacher. To show their appreciation for him, they made a nice poster for him when he comes back.


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