Loki TikTok Video Exhibits Off Tom Hiddleston’s A number of Costumes

A Loki TikTok video shows the different looks Tom Hiddleston will have in the upcoming Marvel Studios / Disney + series ahead of its June release.

A new Loki The TikTok video shows Tom Hiddleston’s different costumes. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is still on a hiatus following the almost consecutive releases of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In June, the Phase 4 ball will keep going with another Disney + show, Loki.

While the events of the new Marvel Studios show take place separately from the primary MCU, its narrative is triggered by Loki’s escape during the New York leg of the Avengers: Endgame time-robbery. Jumping off with the Tesseract effectively warns the time deviation authority of the actions of the god of mischief. As seen in previous Loki trailers, the organization will arrest him, but instead of simply being jailed for his offense, Agent Mobius M. Mobius offers Loki the opportunity to redeem himself. He must help the TVA recognize a far greater threat or move away from the universe. In the face of this, Thor’s adoptive brother is forced to use his crafty ways for a brand new adventure that will ultimately determine his future fate.

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Not much is known about what makes up the title character’s new mission in Loki, and there is a chance that additional details will be saved for the show itself. A new TikTok video (via @amannoyingirl) shows off all of the looks Hiddleston will do on the show with its upcoming release. Check out the video below:

The clip mentioned above shows the antihero in four different ensembles: his Avengers costume, his TVA prison jumpsuit, his TVA combat uniform, and the same outfit, just without a suit and some daggers. On the surface, it seems like this clip doesn’t reveal any relevant information about the plot of the Disney + project, but it does theorize which will be the main version of the character in the story, suggesting that the rest will be variants. That could include presidential candidate Loki, who plays a prominent role in marketing the show. One of the most popular theories about the series is that the TVA is forcing the Asgardian prince to capture other versions of the character, such as Lady Loki, who is reportedly played by Sophia Di Martino and the rumored main villain.

Marvel Studios has been open about the idea that a season 2 of Loki is very likely. Assuming that it does, expect the upcoming six-episode deal doesn’t hold all the narrative loose ends together. Instead, some of it could carry over to a potential second year of the show. It is worth noting, however, that despite the series’ events taking place in a completely different reality, creator Michael Waldron has announced that it will have a significant impact on the entire MCU. That makes Loki very important for the future of the franchise, especially in terms of combating the multiverse.

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Source: Marvel Studios (via manamannoyingirl)

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