Learn how to Know if an App is Authorised by Instagram? (Professional Steps)

Is the app you’re using approved by Instagram?

So many people are getting their Instagram accounts hacked.

Or all of a sudden their account starts following, commenting or liking other people’s posts – without them knowing, and definitely without their permission.

And one day, they might notice they are following more people – which they definitely didn’t do.

This happens if you are using an app that is NOT approved by Instagram.

These apps / websites get access to your Instagram password.

And if they have your password, they can like, comment, follow and unfollow. Without you approval.

No bueno.

Now the big question is:

“How do I know if a third-party app is approved by Instagram and safe to use?”

You might want to try a new Instagram scheduler, an analytics app, caption or hashtag generator, or a new photo or video editor that require you to log into your Instagram account.

There are 3 ways to spot if the tool has not been approved by Instagram.

Let’s look at:

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