Latinx TikTok creators to comply with

Devon Rodriguez is known for street portraits of New Yorkers. (Courtesy photo by Devon Rodriguez)

With Latinx Heritage Month in full swing, it was time for me to highlight Latinx TikTok creators who don’t often get the recognition they deserve.

#LatinxCreated has received 232.8 million views, with YouTubers using the hashtag to highlight that “this month and every month [they’re] #LatinxCreated. ”Whether you’re looking to learn how to create a difficult makeup look or cook a yummy Mexican dish, these eight creators will provide your feed with everything you need and more.

@zackerylennon_torres – Lennon Torres

What better way to start this list than with a USC student? Lennon Torres is a Glorya Kaufman School of Dance and Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism that publishes videos about her everyday life and journey as a transgender woman, as well as videos about using correct and inclusive language for members of the LGBTQ + community. She was recently selected as one of 16 creators in the first grade of Hollister’s Good Vibras program. According to Hollister, this program is the first of its kind and is dedicated to helping the Latinx creator community by amplifying their voices and growing their social media. Lennon’s videos give a broad insight into being transgender and amplify the voices of all LGBTQ + youth.

@manny_delgado – Manny Delgado

Manny Delgado likes to describe himself as “a 6’4 fine young brown all-rounder”. While its size is in question, it doesn’t mean being an all-rounder. Delgado’s videos are highly relatable and emulate a FaceTime call. Whether he’s talking about “down bad” or vlogs about aimless walks through Target in cloudy weather, Delgado knows how to identify with Gen-Z. If you are looking for a TikToker whose content makes you feel like you are actually your friend, Delgado is the person to follow.

@ jonnym0rales – Jonny Morales

If you want to know what it’s like to grow up in a Mexican household, Jonny Morales videos are for you. Morales does a lot with his mom and I know when I see her I feel like I’m seeing every Latina mom on screen. Some of his videos include waking up to Spanish music on the weekend to clean the house, play a prank on his mother, or learn about her kitchen. Additionally, Jonny’s girlfriend joins the fun and we see her introduced to Mexican food and culture on his TikTok page.

@saltycocina – Ana Regalado

Regalado’s TikToks bring the warmth of a mother or Tia through the screen while cooking. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make something as simple as a flour tortilla or something as complex as tamales, Regalado is for you. In just a quick TikTok, you’ll quickly and easily learn Mexican recipes that will impress your friends.

@msnewslady – Jessica Reyes

Have you ever wondered what everyday tasks would sound like told by someone with a newscaster voice? Afro-Latinx creator Jessica Reyes gives viewers a glimpse into the routine of a newscaster and how to mimic the classic newscaster sound. Your videos playing prank on her husband while using that voice will make you laugh well. Reyes also creates videos about styling her hair, what it’s like to use her Spanish anchor voice, and how she programs the switches in the air and in everyday life.

@devonrodriguezart – Devon Rodriguez

Imagine you are riding the subway and someone comes up to you and hands you a drawing that they made of you on the train. Well, if you find yourself in New York, chances are Devon Rodriguez will spot you and see you as a worthy candidate for one of his drawings. Rodriguez is currently the most followed art account on TikTok. His talent will leave you in awe and ask how anyone can draw a person other than a stick figure.

@irisbeilin – Iris Beilin

In the age of social media, messages of self love and confidence are badly needed as you scroll through images of edited perfection. Iris Beilin’s videos would make anyone feel like America’s Next Top Model, even on the not-so-good days. Not only that, their makeup tutorials will turn any makeup novice into a makeup artist in no time.

@ – Bryan Hernandez

Bryan Hernandez’s videos will surely surprise you that you haven’t had a single unique experience in your life. Hernandez knows exactly how to make Gen-Z laugh. His use of popular TikTok sounds, along with his experience as a Dominican, will remind many Latinx viewers of their own lives.

Trinity Gomez is a seasoned writer on TikTok and popular culture. Your column “TikTalk” runs every second Friday.

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