Lady wins over TikTok along with her intricate bento field lunches

One woman has over 3 million TikTok followers who tune in to see what lunch she will prepare next for her husband.

Liza Stian spends up to an hour a day packing elaborate, lively meals for her husband’s bento box. The 23-year-old receives extra points for the presentation. With heart-shaped pizzas, bear-shaped rice balls and burgers, and San Rio-inspired dishes, Stian definitely makes lunch something to look forward to.

“Packing lunch can only take 20 minutes or an hour. That depends on the complexity of the court, ”Stian told the mirror.

The San Francisco woman usually adds prepared snacks like sliced ​​apples, cucumber, tomatoes, or pieces of mozzarella. Your meals usually consist of a protein and a cereal like pasta, noodles, or rice.

“My husband and I were both surprised and delighted to discover that so many people were showing interest in my videos,” Stian told The Mirror.

Stian is inspired by Asian, Mexican and Eastern European cuisine. She goes shopping at a local Japanese store to buy her interesting utensils, rice molds, and cookie cutters.

“Any positive comments I get prompts me to keep creating more content,” Stian told The Mirror. “While constructive criticism helps me grow and improve overall quality.”

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Originally published February 2, 2021, 10:20 a.m.

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