Lady Says She Was Catfished By Her Personal Boss In Viral TikTok

A woman shocked her TikTok following with a video in which she exposed the wildly inappropriate situation her boss had put her through.

The TikToker Olivia Fenton uploaded her video only a few days ago, but it has already gotten well over 2 million views, thanks to her shocking story.

And needless to say, viewers were desperate to know more about the situation.

The TikTok reveals her boss catfished her by posing as a man she had never met.

Fenton says that her manager wanted to set her up “with her best guy friend,” which she went along with.

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However, it quickly proved to be a challenge to ever meet this “guy,” because, as she states in the TikTok, he failed to show up to the first two attempts to meet in person.

Upon the third attempt, he claimed that he showed up at the bar, but did not see her, so he left.

He said he attempted to return to the bar to find her, but his train was stuck underground.

This was when Fenton texted her manager, telling her “look, it’s not going to work between us.”

When she got a text from this man on Christmas asking for another shot, she decided to give him one last chance in the spirit of the holidays.

She explains that she planned a “redemption dinner, which he never arrived to because he got in a ‘car accident.’”

This was when it started to seem too ridiculous to Fenton, and the pieces started coming together that maybe this guy wasn’t real.

She realized that it had been her boss the whole time.

Once she cast suspicion on her manager, the evidence started coming together.

She discloses that she somehow discovered that her manager had gotten a burner phone that she had presumably been using to message Fenton with.

Also, the photos that her manager had claimed to be her “best guy friend” turned out to be pictures of a random guy from Georgia.

And finally, when this “guy” sent flowers to Fenton’s house, she realized that the handwriting on the card was entirely identical to her manager’s own handwriting.

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By this point, it was obvious to anyone that her manager had been catfishing her all along and had been stringing her along through this inappropriate wild goose chase.

This was where the first TikTok ended, but after many demands for answers and an update in the comments, she reciprocated.

Fenton posted an update two days later.

Fenton returned, saying, “I’m here with hard-hitting information about my catfish situation.”

Pressing matters out of the way, Fenton confirms that her manager had been fired.

She says in the update that as soon as she identified the situation and went to HR, they handled it right away.

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Surprisingly, Fenton also discovered that this was not the first time her manager had done something like this.

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In her update TikTok, she explains, “she did this to a woman at her previous company.”

“’What were her motives’ you ask?” she continues in her TikTok.

Her speculated motive at this point is that “she is deeply in the closet and is coming to terms with her sexuality.”

Fenton closes out explaining, “I think she might have had a crush on me and just took it way too far.”

Many of the comments, while obviously condemning her inappropriate behavior, felt some sympathy for the manager knowing that it was due to struggles with her sexuality, something all too relatable.

One commentor summarized the general group consensus quite well when they said, “I feel bad she’s closed BUT this was sooo inappropriate and not the way to explore her feelings by playing around with yours, especially because she’s your boss!”

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