Lady hopes to reconnect with volunteer utilizing viral TikTok video

When Paige Hardy was a six-year-old patient at the Hermann Children’s Memorial, a volunteer with cancer gave her a handmade blanket as a gift. Now Hardy hopes to find her.

HOUSTON — Nearly 20 years ago, Paige Hardy was a patient at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital when she received the gift of a lifetime.

“I’m 24 and have had 21 surgeries in my life. When I was a kid, the only thing that gave me comfort was… this blanket,” Hardy said in a TikTok video that has since gone viral.

She was only six years old when she got the blanket.

“The front is these clouds … then the back is these stars in the night sky,” Hardy said.

Her family was from San Antonio, but she suffered from ectopic ureters, a bladder condition that made her very ill. Now she has a reconstructed bladder.

Hardy and the blanket became inseparable.

“If you feel like you’re just another patient or number, to have something that personalizes your space and comforts you when you’re there, it just means the world.”

But what made the blanket even more special was who made it. It was given to her by a 13-year-old girl with cancer who volunteered at the hospital.

“Knowing that someone was using their pain – and in their time of pain – possibly what little time they had left – because she had cancer – to give to others… that was life changing.”

Hardy never met her and only heard from a nurse that this girl had given the handmade blankets to Hardy and other sick children.

“She used embroidery floss in a way I’ve never seen before in the entire pattern. I know she used two different colors of thread…pink and blue…top and bottom.”

The blanket has been with Hardy through everything…tea parties, prayers and even her first kiss.

“It’s the most valuable thing I own,” she said in the video.

Today, Hardy has no idea who this woman is, but she hopes to thank either her personally or her family.

“Maybe she thought I had it for a year before throwing it away or giving it away. And I want her parents to know that if she didn’t survive, her life affected others.”

Paige’s video on TikTok has over 650,000 views as of Saturday night.

To contact Paige you can email her at

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