KOKA debunks unhealthy notion of instantaneous noodles with ‘bougie’ TikTok marketing campaign

The instant noodle brand KOKA Noodles recently launched a “#GetBougiewithKOKA” campaign on TikTok. The aim is to change consumer perceptions of instant noodles. In collaboration with five developers from TikTok, KOKA shows how the range of low-fat purple wheat noodles can be turned into a well-prepared, delicious meal with little effort and expensive ingredients. With the campaign, KOKA wants to increase brand awareness and create a top-of-mind recall for the brand when it comes to healthy instant noodles. The campaign was carried out in cooperation with the social media agency KRDS.

Muhd Hidayat, Client Services Director at KRDS, told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE that he was proposing to start the campaign on TikTok, since most of its users are developers themselves and it is a rapidly growing platform. KOKA wanted to inspire consumers to create their own version of KOKA noodles through short video content and TikTok seemed like the best platform for that. The campaign is aimed at Singapore’s younger Millennials and Generation Z, who are generally adventurous, creative and, according to Hidayat, “have a penchant for beautiful things”.

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“People find instant noodles unhealthy and boring, two challenges we wanted to address. KOKA is already known for its range of healthier pasta. With this campaign, we see how using affordable ingredients and styling food can turn a simple bowl of pasta into an engaging meal, “he added.

In order to promote the #GetBougiewithKOKA campaign, marketing efforts were further expanded on both Facebook and Instagram and other digital channels. Hidayat added that impressions and reach, as well as video views, were the metrics used to determine the success of the campaign.

KOKA’s use of TikTok comes at a time when the social media platform is becoming increasingly important in the advertising industry. In February 2021, the fashion brand Pomelo teamed up with TikTok to create a 13-piece collection. With the collection, Pomelo aims to increase its brand awareness to a new audience in the region by increasing the visibility of marketing and awareness of the TikTok platform. Pomelo and TikTok also aim to empower young women to positively embrace their personal style by expressing themselves in a way that exudes creativity, confidence and originality.

In November 2020, Jollibee launched an interactive storytelling experience where TikTok users were invited to star in their own romantic comedy on the social media platform. The campaign, titled “#JolliEverAfter”, was used in the TikTok challenge format to tell stories. There were nine sub-challenges, each of which represented a pivotal moment in a romantic comedy story arc where users could use their creativity to fill in the gaps in the story as protagonists in the stories.

The upward trend in brands using TikTok as an advertising platform is also leading to more media outlets helping brands start their TikTok trips. Earlier this month, IPG’s Mediabrands teamed up with TikTok to curate a creator and content accelerator initiative “Creator Collective” for brands. The two companies are looking to work together to create a range of custom programs for Mediabrands customers to help them build an authentic presence on TikTok by leveraging the platform’s developer community.

Last October, the ecommerce platform Shopify also partnered with TikTok to give Shopify merchants the opportunity to grow their social commerce presence. With the TikTok Channel for Shopify, merchants can leverage TikTok’s global scale to reach new audiences. Shopify and TikTok will also work together in the coming months to test new trading features that merchants can use to further expand their paid and organic reach in videos and profiles, according to a press release.

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