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Kimberly Loaiza shared her first video of the year on TikTok | Instagram

Once again the wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja and internet celebrity touched the web with her first video of the year, it was in Tick ​​tock where Kimberly Loaiza shared this kick-off video.

Before the end of the year, the “Mejor Sola” interpreter shared a series of farewell videos a few days before the end of the year, although it was just a few days before December 31st, her cuteness was a bit sad to know she was would not see.

The first video that Kimberly loaiza He announced earlier this year that it was on his TikTok account 23 hours ago, although this was not the first social media post he made on his accounts, the first being exactly four days ago on Instagram.

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In his video, he interprets the tone of a girl who was offering potatoes for breakfast when she suddenly mentions that the power has failed and emits a micro-scream, but it was the most tender, especially due to the performance of the famous Youtuber and influencer.

Kimberly Loaiza La Lindura Mayor is Mexico’s largest YouTube content creator | Instagram kimberly.loaiza

“Does anyone want?” Was the description that accompanies the video from Loaiza, the name of the audio also being “Original sound – Auron Viejo Sabroso”.

With over one million one hundred thousand likes, 5.7 million views and 27.2 comments, there is no doubt that Kimberly Loaiza has started 2022 very well.

Several of her fans stated that it was a very delicate audio, in some of them the Lindura mayor herself replied that this was indeed the case, others were a little outraged by her because she had been using TikTok for six days ” left “.

In return, Kimberly specifically replied to the said user who mentioned that she apologized to everyone affected by this decision.


Today on his TikTok account Kimberly loaiza She has more than 57.8 million followers on her account, until December 21, 2021 the interpreter of “Don’t Be Nealous” was in 8th place in the world top 10, the tiktoker with the most followers worldwide.

An achievement that not everyone could show, especially in Mexico. La Lindura Mayor has surpassed international celebrities including BTS, Jason Derulo including The Rock, until that date Chari D’amelio remained number one in the bid.

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