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When you’re trying to find a new job, what’s the most creative way to excel in a sea of ​​applicants? While most companies and recruiters still suggest that you have a one-page resume, some job seekers are turning to TikTok, which is transforming the job search.

In July, the company launched a pilot program called TikTok Resumes, which is designed to connect users with companies that are hiring.

“This can be a more natural way of presenting yourself, especially for younger people,” CNET culture reporter Abrar Al-Heeti told NBC subsidiary KXAS-TV. “You’re not just wearing a suit and sitting across from someone or presenting it to someone like a blank, boring piece of paper. You introduce yourself. You are authentic. Many of them are very comfortable and TikTok – it’s a way to really get to know someone for who they are, and it’s also a way for companies to discover new talent. “

Al-Heeti believes TikTok is just another way to get noticed.

“When companies see you applying for a job, they are essentially not just reading about you. They see you You see how you are. You see how you present yourself, how you are in front of the camera, ”said Al-Heeti.

Big companies like Target, Chipotle, Shopify, and even World Wrestling Entertainment have used TikTok to attract applicants.

But will other companies join them?

“What we encourage is that they go to multiple places trying to find the talent they are looking for, especially as tight as the talent market is now,” said Thomas Vick, Regional Vice President of the global talent solutions company Robert Half.

“One of the things that we recommend to our customers is to look at multiple areas. You can’t just sit, you can’t just look at one potential area. It can’t just be LinkedIn or CareerBuilder or Monster. You need to look at several websites. And now this is becoming kind of a (the) new thing that these younger candidates feel like they can post that information on TikTok, ”Vick said.

While the hashtag #tiktokresumes has had more than 300 million views, some experts fear that there could be a downside.

“So here you don’t just read a name, you also see a face. So it is interesting to see what will happen there, ”said Al-Heeti. You know, hopefully the companies that make themselves available through something like TikTok résumés are more open-minded. But there could be a case where someone discriminates against someone because of their appearance. “

“One of the things we recommend to our customers is to make sure they are doing the exact same search on all platforms for every single person they are considering when they do a search,” said Vick.

Jessica Cates is the director of the TCU Career Center at the Neely School of Business and does not recommend the platform to her students. She fears that it could harm applicants on the street.

“Though it may be relevant right now … if I try to get a professional role in an office 15 years from now, that will still be with me and may not be what I’m trying to portray,” said Cates.

Vick agrees.

“Treat it like a professional environment and make sure you post professional content, how you dress and what you say about such things,” Vick said.

The pilot only lasted three weeks, but some experts say they envision other social platforms doing something similar in the future.

If you are looking for a new job, Robert Half gave the following tips to help you with your search:

  • Social media presence – make sure it is professional and up to date
  • Get CV Advice – Get CV advice and interviews. Have your resume updated
  • Update references – Prepare references or letters of recommendation
  • Know your worth – do market research or contact an agency to provide this information
  • Work with a Professional Recruiter – Get best practices and tips from a professional recruiter

When you have an interview, the company gives the most important tips to help you find the job:

  • Research – research about the company and the interviewer
  • Confidence – If you want the job, ask about the job. Don’t be afraid to tell them why you are a good match for you
  • Benefits – When did you save time or money for a company?
  • Personal Branding – Treat all interviews, even virtual interviews, equally: dress up the role, test your internet connection, check your camera setting / background
  • Salary Negotiation – Be prepared to negotiate with factual information about the market salary for the position

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