Jessica Chastain Joins TikTok Problem To Persuade Individuals She’s Not Bryce Dallas Howard

“If you’ve spent 20 years building a career and they still think you work at Jurassic Park.”

Jessica Chastain is a very talented and successful actress. Bryce Dallas Howard is also a very talented and successful actress. And they are definitely not the same person. Law?

Unfortunately, it has gotten to the point where fans confuse them so often that Jessica decided that this will be the subject of her take on KingDiaaa2’s TikTok trend “Sick of It”.

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“This is not the parent trap, all of you,” she headed the NSFW clip (for f-bombs), in which her lip-syncing with the repeated line could be seen. “I’m sick .”

Of the video clip, she wrote, “If you spend 20 years building a career and they still think you work in Jurassic Park.”

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Fans fear she might mean business, however, but just need to tune in long enough to see her break out into a big smile. It might get a little frustrating, but most of the time she and Robert have accepted their fate and can now laugh and shake off the confusion.

In fact, the women off-screen sparked a real friendship. And perhaps more importantly for those of you who are still struggling to tell the difference, they even played on-screen together on “The Help”.


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People point out that when they first met, they actually started analyzing their facial features – aside from the obvious note that they both had red hair – to figure out why so many people have trouble relating them to each other distinguish. Even they had to admit the similarities.

It could be that the resemblance is just too strong to deny. Probably the funniest moment that happened to them is when director Ron Howard actually mistook Chastain for Dallas – you know, his daughter. If he can’t tell the difference, there may be something to it!

It might not be “The Parent Trap,” but if someone ever wanted to do a grown-up sequel to the film without paying the special effects budget – and the Olsen twins remain unavailable – you could do worse than these two world-class actresses .

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