Jeffree Star and Kanye affair is a hoax as TikTok star explains why she ‘made it up’

A TikTok influencer has shared details of a joke she created with Kanye West, while speculation continues about his marriage to Kim Kardashian.

A rumor spread like wildfire on social media that the 43-year-old rapper was having an affair with YouTuber Jeffree Star, largely based on the fact that they both lived in Wyoming.

While there were many shocked Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans trying to come to terms with this alleged tryst and how it affected Kim when she instructed divorce lawyers, Jeffree Star himself expressed surprise at the wild allegations.

Of course, the beauty influencer denied that such an affair happened, and it appears that it happened for a good reason, as the instigator of the rumor has denied that there was any truth in it at all.

Ava Louise has admitted to making up the rumor about the Kanye affair

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Ava Louise was best known for her “Coronavirus Challenge” in which she stunted licking a toilet seat.

She has admitted to being the perpetrator of the rumor and “making up this whole scandal”.

Ava had published an article on her TikTok on Wednesday that reported that Kim and Kanye’s divorce was “imminent”.

In the video, Ava said she had gossip that she had been holding onto for “months”.

She claimed that Kanye “teamed up with a very famous beauty guru, a male beauty guru.”

Ava then liked comments where her followers asked if the guru was Jeffree Star, suggesting that he might be the one having an affair with Kanye.

Kanye West is the subject of divorce rumors

Kanye West lives in Wyoming and has “no plans” to return to Kim Kardashian in Los Angeles

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She said at the time that she did not have “concrete evidence” to support her claim, and now she has admitted it was completely wrong.

In a voice message posted on TikTok, Ava said, “There is literally no truth in anything I said.

“I just got the whole world talking about me again because I had a lot of Adderall and was bored.

“And that’s an icon. We all had fun, didn’t we? You’re welcome for the memes.”

In the video’s caption, Ava wrote, “I was Gunna waiting to be exposed, but clout chasing locals who I thought my friends would want to do first.”

Ava is known for her stunts on social media, her headline being convincing people that a “Coronavirus was questioned” that involved leaking a toilet seat.

However, it appears that this was not a challenge that was accepted by her followers.

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