Jake Paul turns down Tana Mongeau in TikTok duet after their ‘pretend wedding ceremony’ final yr

YouTuber and social media personality Jake Paul posted a video on TikTok denying Tana Mongeau’s offer to get back together.

On June 17, Mongeau posted a video on TikTok in which she heard the song “Favorite Crime” by Olivia Rodrigo. The video also has an onscreen text that says:

“When you hope he’ll fall in love again after a fake wedding, but he doesn’t.”

In their video, Mongeau referred to the couple’s fake wedding in 2019. Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau made headlines when the couple allegedly got married in Las Vegas. At the time, many people called the marriage fake and said it was a publicity stunt.

Paul responded to Mongeau’s TikTok by making a duet video showing a blue sign that read “HELL NAW!” holds.

You can watch the video below:

CLAP BACK: Tana Mongeau posts on TikTok with the headline “If you hope he’ll fall in love again after the wrong wedding, but he doesn’t.” Jake Paul replies “HELL NAW”. pic.twitter.com/HgDGV9JLnu

– Def Noodles (@defnoodles) June 18, 2021

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Tana Mongeau started calling Paul’s name on Twitter after the YouTube star turned down her offer.

Jake Paul had a marriage of convenience with Tana Mongeau in 2019

YouTuber star Jake Paul started dating Tana Mongeau in April 2019. The couple held a fake wedding ceremony on July 28 of the same year. The event took place in Las Vegas in a $ 500,000 venue.

The news came as a shock to many fans who believed staying in the spotlight was just a publicity stunt.

The couple ended things up in January 2020 but have been in touch ever since.

Mongeau recently uploaded a TikTok video expressing her true feelings for Paul, but the YouTuber who turned boxer turned down her suggestion.

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Jake Paul returns to the boxing ring on August 28th

Boxer-turned YouTuber Jake Paul will take on Tyron Woodley in his next boxing match on August 28th. It will be Paul’s fourth professional fight as a boxer.

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