Isle of Paradise’s new Spray Tan Equipment was impressed by a TikTok development

It’s no secret that TikTok is a hot spot for discovering cool and innovative products. But you can also find tons of creative posts that show new and unexpected ways to use all of those trending found pieces.

That’s what a TikTok user did in February when she posted a video showing how she minimizes clutter and simplifies the self-tanning process by combining a refill of the popular Isle of Paradise self-tanning water with a continuous Mister bottle.

The video, which now has over 850,000 views, inspired other users to do the same to master their tan at home by ditching their mousse and grabbing a Mister and a refill. The trend became so popular after the video was released that the self-tanning water repeatedly sold out and it was almost impossible to get your hands on any of the refills.

Well, apparently Isle of Paradise was listening when the TikTok users spoke. The brand just released a new self-tanning kit which, as you guessed it, includes a mister.

“It’s no secret that social media has played a huge role in our lives, especially when it comes to our beauty,” said Jules Von Hep, founder of the Isle of Paradise, in a press release. “We spotted a new trend at TikTok where everyone was pouring our refill bags into Mister bottles and we knew right away that we could make something incredible, specifically for self-tanning.”

While the company’s products typically take around 12 months to build and run, it only took six months, Von Hep added. “With new trends popping up every day, we had to act quickly to make the Mister a reality.”

Isle of Paradise Pro Glow Spray tanning kit

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