Is perpendicular fuelling unlawful? TikTok pattern defined

PERPENDICULAR tanken is conquering social media thanks to TikTok.

It’s a different way of refueling your vehicle, but is there a chance you could be legally prosecuted?

Cross-parking clips have gone viral on TikTok


Cross-parking clips have gone viral on TikTokImage Credit: TikTok

What is vertical refueling?

In the past few months, vertical refueling has been trending on all social media such as TikTok.

To participate in this social media craze, users upload short clips of themselves parked in unusual ways for gasoline.

The short TikTok videos show the person refueling their vehicle while their vehicle is parked at a 90-degree angle.

The upright method is not the usual way most drivers park their cars to add gasoline to their car’s tank.

Is vertical refueling dangerous?

Most of the time, drivers always park parallel to the fuel pump.

Most motorists park this way to make sure no accidents happen while the person is taking the appropriate fuel level.

It is not recommended to park vertically at a gas station to refuel your vehicle.

There are a number of dangerous accidents that can happen if a driver opts for this type of refueling.

Cross parking is not safe


Cross parking is not safeImage Credit: TikTok

Is vertical refueling legal?

The potential dangers of parking perpendicular to a gas pump are why this practice is not recommended.

When parking at a 90-degree angle, the driver could reverse too far and cause the fuel pump to explode.

Depending on the neighborhood or region you live in, the legality of these TikTok viral vertical parking videos may vary.

However, this type of parking at a gas station can be very dangerous and is not recommended.

Where is vertical refueling illegal?

Many Tiktok users have participated in vertical fueling in states where it’s illegal to do so, namely California and New York.

In these and other countries, parking across the street can result in a parking ticket or a criminal complaint.

In several states, cross parking is only allowed for emergency and police vehicles.

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