Introducing the model new podcast Now, Then, Ten

A sustainable future with Generation Z.

In our first episode, I’m with Maria Raga, the CEO of Fashion Resale App – and Generation Z Favorit – Depop.

Depop empowers its 26 million digital native customers, most of whom are under 26, to buy and sell used clothing in the most creative, sociable ways – and this has a huge impact on the entire fashion industry.

Maria and I discuss why the community is at the heart of Depop and has been instrumental in its success, the importance of sustainability for the brand, and the steps it is taking to make the business more equitable and inclusive.

And she offers fantastic advice for women in technology, drawn from her own experience in the industry.

With Now, Then, Ten, discover the driving force behind global communities

In the weeks ahead, Brent and I will connect with more inspiring global leaders like Maria.

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