Introducing Reels Adverts Placements by way of the Instagram Advertising and marketing API

We are now enabling the placement of Reels Ads on Instagram via the Instagram Marketing API. This is available in all current Marketing API versions and does not require an upgrade.

This does not require the use of a new endpoint; The Reels Ads placement option becomes available through the current Marketing API endpoint, which you may already be familiar with, by adding the INSTAGRAM_REELS placement option. With this new addition, you can update your app so your customers can create and preview Reels Ads through the API.

Important details

This feature update will enable the following three features / use cases via the Marketing API.

  1. Ad creation: Developers can use INSTAGRAM_REELS as one of the target locations when creating ads
  2. Ad Insights: If you break down the insights by placement level, you can see how ads are performing on Instagram Reels placement
  3. Ad Preview: Developers can get the preview in Instagram Reels format

We have updated the developer documentation with all the technical details about this update.

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