Introducing Instagram Content material Publishing API

Today we’re launching a new feature on the Instagram Graph API platform to make it easier for businesses to publish content. This feature allows Instagram Business accounts to schedule posts from third-party platforms and publish them in their Instagram feeds.

We’ve heard from companies that they don’t post content spontaneously on Instagram, but plan their posts in advance to create the best possible connection with their audience. Some companies also plan their positions in distributed teams with complex approval processes. With the Content Publishing API, companies can now more easily plan campaigns and create internal processes for publishing content using the platform of their choice.

Important details

  • The Content Publishing API supports the planning and publication of individual photo or video postings in Instagram Feed only for Instagram Business accounts.
  • Each Instagram Business account is limited to 25 posts published by the API within a move period of 24 hours. This rate limit does not affect other publishing methods. Therefore, an Instagram Business account can post additional posts through the native Instagram app or Facebook Creator Studio when the daily API rate limit is maximum.

Learn more

To access the new Content Publishing API endpoints, developers must apply through our app review process and their apps must meet the guidelines and platform requirements for Facebook developers. For more information on the Content Publishing API, see our developer documentation.

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